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2019 Michigan Trout Unlimited Fly Fishing School Registration/Questionnaire - PayPal
  1. First Name(*)
    Please type your first name.
  2. Last Name(*)
    Please type your Last name.
  3. Phone Number(*)
    Please type your Phone number.
  4. E-mail(*)
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  1. 2019 Michigan Trout Unlimited Fly Fishing School Registration
  2. Please make one selection from below reservation types for the June 7 – 9th, 2019 Fly Fishing School.

  3. Options & Pricing

    Student Reservation: Option A:

    Includes school, meals and lodging.

  4. Student Reservation - Option A:

    Invalid Input
  5. Indicate Roomate Name(s):
    Please indicate with whom you would like to room with.
  6. Student Reservation: Option B:

    Includes school and all meals, you provide your own lodging.

  7. Student Reservation - Option B:

    Invalid Input
  8. There are several hotels nearby and campsites may be available at Ranch Rudolf. Singles and late enrolled students will be housed at a nearby Motel.

  9. Campsite Reservation:

    If you prefer to camp, a campsite at Ranch Rudolf for two nights is $79, payable with this registration.

  10. Invalid Input

  11. Please Note: This school is not set up to accept children under 12 years of age. Any child between 12 and 18 Must be accompanied by a fully paid parent or legal guardian. There are no exceptions.
  1. 2019 Trout Unlimited Fly Fishing School Questionnaire
  2. 1) Have you ever attended a TU School?(*)

    Invalid Input
  3. If Yes, when?
    Please indicate with when you attended the school.
  4. 2) Have you attended any other fishing school?(*)

    Invalid Input
  5. If Yes, when?
    Please indicate with when you attended the school.
  6. If Yes, where?
    Please indicate what other schools you have attended.
  7. 3) Have you any fly casting experience?(*)

    Invalid Input
  8. If yes, please answer the following:
  9. How long have you been fly casting?(*)
    Please indicate years.
  10. Number of days fished last year?(*)
    Please indicate days.
  11. How do you rate yourself?(*)

    Invalid Input
  12. 4) Casting:
  13. Do you have problems controlling your loop size?(*)

    Invalid Input
  14. Explain:
    Invalid Input
  15. Can you reach cast?(*)

    Invalid Input
  16. Can you double haul?(*)

    Invalid Input
  17. Can you roll cast?(*)

    Invalid Input
  18. Can you curve cast?(*)

    Invalid Input
  19. Other types of casts with some degree of proficiency:
  1. 2019 Trout Unlimited Fly Fishing School Questionnaire - (cont.)
  2. 5) Do you have equipment?(*)

    Invalid Input
  3. Make of Rod:
  4. Length of Rod:
  5. Type (not brand) of line:
  6. Weight of Line:
  7. 6) Check the knots you can tie:(*)

    Invalid Input
  8. If you do not have equipment, we will loan you ours for the school at no charge.


  9. 7) Have you ever waded in a moving stream?(*)

    Invalid Input
  10. 8) Do you want wading instruction?(*)

    Invalid Input
  11. 9) Is there anything else we should know or any special problems or instruction you would like from us while you are attending our school?
    Invalid Input
  12. 10) Please print your name as you want it to appear on your Certificate of Completion:(*)
    Please type your first name.
  13. 11) Are you a member of Trout Unlimited?(*)

    Invalid Input
  14. If Yes, what chapter?
    Please indicate what chapter you are a member of.
  15. 12) Would you like information on membership?(*)

    Invalid Input
  16. WAIVER(*)
    Invalid Input

    I UNDERSTAND that any activity conducted in or on water may be hazardous activity and I WAIVE any right or cause of action I may have against Trout Unlimited National, Michigan Trout Unlimited, its Fly Fishing School, or any other organization or individual involved with the Trout Unlimited Fly Fishing School, including Instructors and all participants in the School, due to injuries, harm or damages that may occur to me while participating in the Trout Unlimited Fly Fishing School. I specifically agree not to hold the entities, organizations or individuals noted above liable due to negligence, acts or omissions which may occur during the Fly Fishing School. I have read and understand this waiver and acknowledge that I choose to participate in the Fly Fishing School with full knowledge of this WAIVER.
  17. Total:
    0.00 USD
  18. (*)
    Invalid Input
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